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Pallet Rack System Inspection Services

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Pallet rack damage can occur in a variety of ways, primarily by forklift trucks as they navigate through the rack system storing and retrieving pallets. No matter the cause of the damage, when the components of a pallet rack system are compromised, the pallet racking becomes unsafe for employees to work around. We can expertly evaluate your pallet rack system for damage and make recommendations for repair or replacement of the damaged pallet rack.

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With our expert pallet rack inspection service, we will perform a thorough inspection of your pallet racking to identify damaged components, improperly loaded pallets, and missing safety features that are creating unsafe working conditions for your employees. Safety issues can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye, but our experienced professionals can identify and help you resolve the issues in order to maintain a safe working environment.

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If your pallet rack is damaged, it is crucial to repair the damaged components as soon as possible to maintain a safe work environment for your employees. With our extensive experience in repairing pallet racking, our expert installers have the knowledge and the tools to repair or replace the damaged components properly. Get your pallet rack system back in safe working order with our expert repair services.

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Minimizing Pallet Rack System Damage

A Pallet Racking System is the backbone of every warehouse operation. Whether you are storing materials or finished goods, investing in a damage resistant racking system is the key to minimizing damage to your rack. Adding a few protective features when your rack is purchased is far less expensive than the high cost of repairing damaged components in the future. If you are looking for a new rack or your current rack is at the end of its life, we can lay out a system to meet your unique requirements. We offer a variety of styles of racking, which allows us to propose the appropriate rack for your application.

Because of our many years of experience laying out rack systems, we have gained valuable knowledge of the challenges faced by manufacturers and distribution centers and will work with you to overcome them. Cranston Material Handling has the experience to provide creative solutions so you can make full utilization of the space you dedicated to pallet storage.

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Our Goal Is To Help You Keep Your Racks Safe

  • Protecting your people, assets and resources are critical. Let our program keep your warehouse safe.
  • Identify damage to your racks caused by daily use and incorrect loading.
  • Proactive early deduction of pallet rack damage allows for cost savings and asset protection.
  • From Experience we know what to look for and how to repair the damage found in your racking system.


Inspecting Pallet Racks in the Continental United States

Inspecting Pallet Racks in the Continental United States

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