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Pallet Rack Inspections


Cranston Material Handling Equipment has the expertise to inspect your rack. We will perform a thorough inspection of your pallet racking to identify the following:

Pallet rack systems are an integral component of distribution centers and most manufacturing operations. Your employees are constantly working in and around your storage areas. Your racking is being used to store valuable material and products. As you strive to provide a safe work environment, it is important to inspect your pallet racks. An inspection allows you to assess if there are structural or safety deficiencies and if the material that is placed on the rack, is being properly supported.

Pallet Rack Inspections for a Safer Work Environment

When racking is not properly maintained, you risk injuring your employees, damaging costly materials, and increasing your business’s liability significantly. Structural deficiencies are often caused by normal wear and tear. If an accident occurs and it is found to be due to a structural deficiency, then your company could be held liable for neglecting to eliminate an unsafe condition. Periodic pallet rack inspections should be a top priority, as they allow you to become aware of unsafe conditions in your facility that you are then able to remedy. Periodic inspections of your storage system is the only way to address these issues and provide pallet racks that are safe for your employees to load and work around.

From missing safety clips to bent uprights, various types of damage can be caused as forklifts load pallets into the rack and navigate through the system. Damage can also occur due to improperly loaded pallets or changes in your material loads that are different now than when your racking system was laid out. Regardless of how the damage is caused, it can pose a major threat to your employees, resulting in an accident or a major event, such as a collapse of a rack.

Factors that put your racking system at a higher risk of damage include the following:

It is crucial to have your pallet rack system inspected regularly for damage to see if safety devices are present and properly engaged, and to look for pallets that are being incorrectly placed on the racks and causing point loads. These safety issues can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye or may be viewed as minor and left unreported and unresolved. To ensure the integrity of your system and reduce the likelihood of an accident, pallet rack should always be inspected by an experienced pallet rack professional.

What You Can Expect from a Pallet Rack Inspection

At Cranston Material Handling, we can perform a pallet rack inspection to determine if your rack is structurally sound and safe for employees to load and work near. In addition to inspecting each component for damage, we will also examine the racking to ensure it is being used in a way that is consistent with generally accepted practices.

As part of our complete inspection process, we will examine the condition of each pallet rack component, including the following items:

After we complete the inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings. In this report we will note which components are damaged and which pallets are incorrectly loaded. After the inspection, we can provide you with a recommendation for replacement or repair of the damaged component or an appropriate corrective measure.

At Cranston Material Handling Equipment, we can help you improve your facilities and employees safety with periodic pallet rack inspections and reports. The inspection reports then enable you to proactively address any deficiencies that are identified in your pallet rack system.

Inspecting Pallet Racks in the Continental United States

Inspecting Pallet Racks in the Continental United States

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