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Pallet Rack Repair Service


At Cranston Material Handling, we have a wide range of experience repairing pallet racks. Our rack professionals will work with you to determine your options for repairing or replacing damaged components. Our experienced installers can properly repair the damaged components, so you are able to maintain a safe work environment for your employees.

Rack Upright Repair Kits

Repairing your racks is necessary in order to maintain the racks structural strength. Repair kits are available for pallet rack uprights. When uprights are over 20’ in height a repair kit may offer costs savings compared to the cost of freight for a new upright. Non-stock uprights may have a very long lead time and utilizing a standard repair kit can provide a faster turn around. Also, repair kits often have features that make them more damage resistant than a standard upright, so the risk of future damage is reduced.

Replacing Racking Components

In some cases, replacement of the rack upright and other components is the best option. New components allow you to maintain the structural integrity of the rack, as per the manufacturer’s stated capacity ratings. Sometimes replacement is required because the damage is severe and repair is not possible. Also, the entire rack system may have so much damage from wear and tear, that it is near the end of its life and should be replaced.

The Service We Provide

Based on our experience and your company’s requirements our rack professionals will evaluate your damaged racking and make recommendations for repairing or replacing the damaged components. We can also install safety guards on the end of the rack aisles and in front of upright columns to help protect your pallet racking from future damage. If a complete replacement of your racking system is required, we can design a new system to help you maximize your storage space.

At Cranston Material Handling, we know how vital your pallet storage is to your operations. Our material handling professionals will evaluate the damage to your racking and work to find a repair solution that best suits your needs. Our goal is to help you make your rack as safe as possible. Contact us today, if your rack is damaged and needs to be repaired.

Example Of Rack Upright Repair Kits

Yellow Repair Kit with Heavy Duty Braces

Blue Repair Kit and Column Protector

Damaged Upright Before Repair

After Installation of Blue Repair Kit

Inspecting Pallet Racks in the Continental United States

Inspecting Pallet Racks in the Continental United States

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